The idea behind this project was to keep the Staging group 2005 in connection with each other for possible cooperation in the future. Another intention iwas to expand the number of participating schools e.g. by cooperating with NMLI language institute in Cork, Ireland. Every new student who “graduate” from the staging course can join in the future. We hear a lot of good ideas and we are supposed to use these ideas when we go back to our schools. This should be a help to us all to continue to develop the staging ideas. 

The homepage is step 3. in our plan made in Ireland - well it took longer than expected and was first in the air a year later.

3. The making of a website –  were up and running June 6th 2006 - where test began. A  login is needed if you want to take part. Participants in the staging course in Cork in Ireland or  invited teachers can use the website. 

4. Have a presentation on this website of all the participating schools – so please go home and prepare this – remember to have some pictures ready as well. Map of the country, pictures from your town and a little about your town as well. Make your students do this! 

5. Have a forum - available now -  for teachers to discuss problems of English – international contacts - tell about your students bloopers etc. The forum is there now we have to dare to use it - have a try it won't bite!

6. Have a teacher base of ideas  -  now more than 2300 files are uploaded and more to come. This will include projects readymade to use, grammar works, links, worksheets, board games, card games, powerpoints, e-books, videos and a lot of audio drama. 

7. Have a description and pictures from traditions from your country – e.g. Christmas, Easter, New Year etc. Still a point which wait for improvements - come on write about your traditions - don't be shy - share!

8. Evaluation of the project once a year at one of the 4 pillars schools - maybe an idea later to invite interested teachers for a conference somewhere, sometime. You are welcome to send your evaluations of this site. Would be nice. This point has never been done, but I'm thinking of arranging a meeting in 2015 - maybe in Cork at the new institute. Mail me if you're interested.

9. Fundraising for the project – harder than I expected, so I've decided to finance it myself. Website and domain cost 90 € for 14 months. For that we have almost unlimited webtraffic - 3000 GB per month and 310 GB work space - not bad eh? And apart from that I can host other websites in this space. So not a problem.

10. We’ve been told that a joke page would be nice. Use the FORUM part to place all the “bloopers”.  Still an idea to be produced.

Probably more steps to be taken.

For the 4 pillars

Leif Mortensen