Well just to start out with what I've used them for. We all have bright pupils who need something else and here the thrillers and crimestories are usefull. Many pupils like a good thriller. Most of them have MP3 players so the thrilling thought to mix this came through my mind. I made a cd with MP3 files they could choose from. Started out with Christopher Lee's fireside tales. He is reading with his special voice in wonderfull clear English.

When they have been listening to a story or play the first time they make a summary of the story and make one question for the next listener, who makes a question a.s.o  In the end you have a nice set of tasks they have been making for you - not bad eh!

In the same way you can work with the drama plays. So you see it's actually quite easy to work with sound. Have a try - but listen to the thrilling stories yourself - they are VERY good.