!OHGR1Y.GIFWell how can schools from different countries help eachother - a good question. That's the basic idea behind this homepage. Teacher contact, international projects like: How do you celebrate X-mas?, how do you  manage environment problems?, how is your daily life? are some of the many questions you can ask. E-mail contacts between your different pupils - it'll definitely improve their English. Ideas to use in the classroom you can share. It's only a question of making sub categories in the archive. So don't be afraid to join PillarsForum it's the place for you. Put in your own schools profile and let's work together. Login in the FORUM part and use this for a start. Tell us about your school, your pupils, Ask questions to other teachers around Europe. Use the members list and write a personal e-mail if you want a direct contact. You see? - a lot of ways to make contact and get on with the INTERNATIONAL dimension.