folder English teaching

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folder 50 words and up

Remember to login to see the contents. Here you can get small booklets ready to print and use in many different levels. All texts come from in the give away week. As we are a non comercial society I think it's ok. Visit them for a lot of other good texts.

folder bogglesworld

Here you can place readymade tasks from this faboulous website called

folder Cooperative learning

In this folder there will be materials ready to use in your classroom together with information and  ideas about Cooperative learning or COOP learning as I like to use.

folder Free e-books

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folder Illustrated classics

Dart_084.GIFHere I place a few picture stories from the past ILLUSTRATED CLASSICS. Copies of the issues from the late 40ties and beginning 50ties. You need to download CDDISPLAY FIRST which also is placed in this folder. 

folder Lessons

Here are sound and textfiles concerning various English language skills. They are aimed at the older students who need to improve a bit on their own - this ia a way. Lot of different themes: Complaints, apologies and excuses. Conversations. Discussion. Good news bad news. Hello and goodbye. Instructions and advice. Requests, offers and invitations. You need to register to see contents.

folder Powerpoints

Ready made powerpoints in two categories - English and Various. In the English section there are powerpoints about grammar. Remember to login to see what¨'s in this category.