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Cork, Ireland is a wonderful city for students to visit and study in. Cork has a history of education and with its Universities, Art Colleges and Technical Institutes remains an inspiring, challenging and rewarding city to study in. Cogan International College wants to welcome you to Cork. Our College is located at Abbey House, North Mall, the heart of historical Cork, close to the city centre and to University College Cork with all its sports and social facilities on hand.

Cogan International College, founded in 2011, builds on 35 years experience in International Education. 

Cogan offers quality English language courses to students, professionals and corporate clients. Our College Network takes advantage of this thriving university city of on the south coast of Ireland.

Link to our homepage:

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Life in English speaking countries. Specialities, differencies etc.

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Got an exiting recipie you want to share with us - upload it!

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Kmz files are files containing extra information about a place or showing where a place is or both. In this folder you'll find many interesting "tours" - like the Mekka, the hurricane Cathrina, Berlin, Cities of Europe - well just to name a few. Use Google earth for a little tour around the globe - it's fun so have a go!  They are not in any special order in the beginning but that will eventually happen.

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Here will be information about other countries - such as traditions, special days, links

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Schools, librarians and E-mail contacts

clock_045.GIFIn this category you can upload details, pictures and a description of your school.  There will also be room for e-mail contacts.

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