Hi Everyone

Pillarsforum has undergone a lot of changes - from an old version of Joomla - which is the webprogram behind Pillars Forum - to the newest version with more possibillities.  Now you can upload small filmclips. Forum is new if you by accident want to use that ;-) could be an idea if you want people to help you or join you in a project. I know it hasn't been used. The gallery is new if you should want to upload pictures. In the rest of 2013, after my retirement as teacher, there will be added a lot - among this, powerpoints, mp3s more than 100 new, videos with English teaching programs and videos with good ideas you can use in your classroom. Hope you'll enjoy the new look. Sorry for the last year with small changes. I've been through a difficult time, so bare with me.

Kind regards

Leif Mortensen